Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Social Justice at Sierra College

Today was my favorite day of Social Justice Week at Sierra College, an event I host every fall semester.  Today was the day that students share their projects by spending the day in the center of campus diseminating information, raising consciousness and taking learning to a whole new level outside the classroom.  I love the energy.  I love overhearing conversations and debates.  I LOVE the comments from students who tell me that they now believe that they can be activists and be a part of social change.  This is the reason I teach and why I love my job so much.

Projects tackled racism, sexism, homophobia, sex trafficking, forced prostitution, the economics of education, body images, size discrimination, sexism in music lyrics, the importance of voting...and more!  The week has included similar workshop topics, speakers, and films--we even were honored to host Col. Anne Wright who talked about sexual harassment and sexual violence in the military.

And tonight, while I write, I am wearing a bracelet that was made by a woman in Cambodia that survived sex trafficking and forced prostitution and another bracelet made by women supporting Women for Women International.  The world feels so small right now.  I imagine that Cambodian woman's fingers braiding and twisting the yarn into the bracelet that I now run my fingers over.  I feel connected to her.  And while I can never know or feel the realities of her life I do know this....where a woman is violated anywhere in the world, all women are...everywhere in the world.  For violence against women contributes to an overall global consciousness the devalues women everywhere.  It must stop.  We must collectively say no more.  We must rise up and support our sisters, our mothers, our daughters. We must raise awareness, raise money, raise consciousness, and raise our collective voice. 

Tomorrow is the last day of Social Justice Week...if you are in the area, JOIN US!

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Radical Peace said...

Hey! So happy to know you bought a 3 strands bracelet! Loved putting on the Pink Room event! Miss participating in Sierra's Social Justice week but I am so happy and thankful that you were my teacher and role model. Thank you for inspiring me to be a fearless feminist fighting like a girl for equality.