Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wikileaks, Assange, and Michael Moore

When I first heard that Michael Moore posted the bail of Julian Assange after two separate allegations were filed against him by women in Sweden I was outraged. I wondered, once again, how it is that we continue to discount women's voices and the global epidemic of violence against women. While appreciate the work that Assange has done to expose secrets and to tell the truth of governmental actions I am endlessly frustrated that we are so often willing to cast women aside for the 'greater good.' And I am exhausted by the men who fight for justice socially and politically but violate the human rights of women they encounter personally. OK, even if only 'presumably' in Assange's case. Regardless, women's lives are not expendable.

I was happy to come across this blog from the ever fabulous Rachel Maddow who interviews Michael Moore and discusses this issue further. And while I would have like to hear Michael Moore address the allegations against Assange and the impact his endorsement has on public perception, I do agree with him that despite the good work that Assange has done, the wikileaks founder must address the allegations of rape that stand against him. Take a look...Click HERE for the interview.