Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

New resources from Michael Moore

Two new resources have come out recently from Micheal Moore--his free & downloadable film, Slacker Uprising and his new book, available now, Mike's Election Guide. Check 'em out soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Local Eating!

Yesterday, officially kicked off the Eat Local Challenge! Hope you join in!

I started preparing my challenge a few weeks ago, scouting out local food resources in the Sacramento area. I already go to the local farmer's market so that was an easy commitment but I started to pay attention to the other places I shop. I've stopped going to some of my regular haunts and now try to shop at local marketplaces--the Sacramento Co-op, Taylor's (which I can walk to...definitely an added bonus!), and the Nugget. In addition to accessing locally grown products, it also feels good to support non-corporate (or less corporate) options for where my dollar is spent!

However, what I am finding utterly fascinating is how many products are stocked in California stores that come from far away lands! I began to wonder, other than bananas and exotic fruits, chocolate (although check out Yummy Dummy), and coffee, what would I need/want that isn't produced in California--or better within a 150 mile radius of Sacramento? I am so very lucky to live in California! I've found local sources for most of what I stock my frig...thank you Strauss, Clover, and of course, the farmer's market. But I was shocked in looking at labels these last few weeks, that despite the abundance of California agriculture so much of what our stores stock is from New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Colorado...The carbon footprint for the travel of these goods alone is crazy! And even locally owned stores are partipating in the import of simple goods--cheese, chicken, milk, etc.--from other states. Although I recognize that they are probably responding to what sells, but as we raise awareness can we change the demand?

I'm thankful to stores, like Taylor's Market that posts little maps next to their local products to identify that which comes from within 100 mile radius. And I'm thankful to organizations like the Eat Local Challenge and Locavores who are raising the issue and encouraging folks to change their habits. I love what I have learned and how it is changing my approach to what I buy and where I shop. I've told everyone I can get a hold, including my students! And I offer you the same challenge I offer them...check labels, pay attention to where your favorite products come from, and eat locally!

Bon Apetite!